About Us

The Meraki Allure journey is one of love and passion and fulfilling one's personal legend (Destiny) and dreams while surviving life's unpredictable curves and dunes. Our company is committed to developing a worldwide lifestyle and brand that promotes the fruition of following one's personal legend while pouring love and passion into it, hence our company name Meraki.

The Meraki Allure story began decades ago, when our founder's family immigrated to the U.S in search of a better life and the American Dream. Fashion actually funded the founder's trip to the U.S because his Mother was a local business owner back home that made a living making tailored clothes for local men and women and selling them overseas. As the founder grew up and finished college, he fell victim to the norms of life with a default career seemingly insignificant where he simply survived and made a living.

So in the 3rd decade of his life, he chose to put everything on the line to pursuit his personal legend, to develop a custom luxury clothing line for men and women that can also build and promote a lifestyle and culture that inspires others to awaken their personal legend within, honor it and fulfill it. So please join us on this journey, and help us spread the this dream worldwide! Cheers to you Finding and Living in Your Meraki  :-)!

Passion for creativity is strongly reflected in Meraki clothing brand. We understand that your wardrobe should be packed with Bespoke Suits to address any occasion. From dressing for a formal meeting to attending family functions, you can make your dynamic aura felt. Meraki clothes possess special sheen and radiates comfort, style and fitting while remaining versatile. We care about your style and bring the best bespoke suits to glamorize your personality.  Explore our gallery to sift out exquisite clothes to complement your wardrobe and lifestyle.

Meraki clothing brand is committed to bring you the best line of suits and stylish ladies outfits.  It is a matter of pride for us to supply you with newest, latest trends of the fashion world.  We don’t just provide custom tailored clothes but create garments that uplifts the confidence level of the customer. Meraki clothes brand is happy to cover the extra mile for our valuable clients. We leave no stone unturned to provide finest world class experience to customers by providing them with awesome Meraki clothes. It is our foremost aim to create products from highest quality materials to embellish the personality of the wearer.

We stringently believe in professional service and our bespoke clothes are adjusted to modern perfection to adorn the personality of individual.  It is the sincere concern of Meraki Allure to deliver customers with best line of clothing deserved by them. Classic attires deliver profound and confident impact on the personality of wearer. You reserve the right to appear suave and swanky. Our clothes are pretty comfortable and add grace to the persona. Feel the difference after cladding our tailored suits, elegant formal dresses. Undeniably, you will magnetize the attention of bystanders and viewers during social interactions. Rediscover your confidence by donning classic, elegant attires. We reserve the expertise to pour element of style and grace from our side.