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Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well!

For a customer who wants to be more Dynamic!

About the colors: Vivid and bright colors close to the face (apple green, turquoise, red, orange, yellow.) Bright tones, contrasting with complementary colors.

About accessories: Elongated and angular shapes.

About prints: Plain with complementary colors.

About fabrics: Fluids, natural fibers, crepes and mesh.

About the cut of the clothes: Straight cuts, modern shirts, V-necks, ties.

The color red is synonymous with self-confidence, security and desire. You can wear red on rainy days, it will increase your dynamism in front of others and give you a feeling of power and efficiency.

I'll love to hear your feedback below. Enjoy!

Have an amazing and stylish new week.

Anna Carolina - Image Consultant




Hello everyone! We hope you're enjoying our Fashion Tips so far!

Do you know the difference between an Image Consultant and a Personal Stylist?

An Image Consultant has an expansive vision and knowledge to give you tailored consultation on your entire image from hairstyle, to your wardrobe all the way down to your accessories and shoes rather than mostly focusing on trends.

Additionally, an Image Consultant induces greater listening skills and adapts to your personality, lifestyle, restrictions, blockages, knowledge and desires of who you are.

Image Consulting is done progressively, listening to your personal needs.

An Image Consultant must find a style in accordance with your physique and personality, without seeking a radical change, as the objective is not to disguise you but rather to make your clothes an extension of who you are and your goals.

The aim is to develop potential, reveal strengths in the formation of a personalized image inline with your personality.

A Personal Stylist’s consultation is generally a simpler direct image transformation journey. It is generally brief set of actions that consists of choosing suitable and/or trending clothing, sometimes taking you to a hairdresser and make-up artist, optimize the your appearance in view of an event or in response to a wish.

We hope you make the most of our fashion tips and have an excellent and fashionable weekend!

Anna Carolina - Image Consultant




Hello everyone! Happy new week!

Suit without tie, can you wear it?

Of course! Whoever said formal style never changes is very wrong. We can always find a new stylish way to break away the tradition looks without changing your complete image.

Many guys, however, do not feel comfortable betting on the classic combination of social clothing.

The good news, however, is that it is possible to invest in an alternative and modern look even in a formal environment. The suit without a tie is a great example of this!

Giving up the tie makes the look more cool, current and relaxed. The suit without a tie is considered more sporty.

A suit without a tie is an interesting option for outdoor ceremonies (farm, winery) in the morning or early afternoon, since at night it calls for a more formal touch.

If your work requires a more classic look, like an office, for example, a suit without a tie is a great alternative. In this case, you can opt for stylish prints and colors, in addition to jeans, chino pants and sneakers.

Have an amazing and fashionable week!

Anna Carolina - Image Consultant


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