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Hello everyone!

Fashion Personality

It's an individual's unique way of expressing oneself through clothing.

You can tell where someone is going.

What they plan on doing.

And even the mood of the wearer.

Ask Yourself :

How do I feel?

Where am I going?

How do I want to look?

Let's talk about this super special style that is the Romantic Style.


She is extremely feminine.

She likes to make herself beautiful.

She is emotional, sensitive, takes care of others, gets emotionally involved with people, soft, delicate, sweet, kind, listens to others.

She brings people together, is receptive, understanding, feminine, vain, attentive to details, dreamy, sweet and considerate.


Wear flowing skirts, like ruffles, embroidery.

She loves dresses and skirts, floral, polka dots.

She likes a shirt with a collar or a cuff.

She likes fine, flowing fabrics, cotton, satin, mousseline, lace.


Colors are often a little colder, more cheerful.

Antique pink, Hermès red, purple, eggplant, earth tones or plum with delicate pastels, light colors.

For prints, she will choose flower motifs.


Aged silver, stones, large ribbons.

Vintage pieces for bags, belts, necklaces, hair tiara, pearl, bow.

Long hair with a half curl, braid, soft makeup, heart button with details.

Ethnic earrings or bracelets.

Necklaces close to the neck.


Tied shoes, mules with pearls, ballet flats.

With a dreamy woman, nothing is more beautiful than this dress, the feeling is that we are in a fairy tale.

It is a dress with a skirt in tulle, embroidered with flowers, we have the delicacy on the top with a transparent lace, embroidered with details in flowers.

Finally, the dress straps have a special and different touch, bringing authenticity and femininity.

A dress for a special night!

I'll love to hear your feedback below. Enjoy!

Have an amazing and fashionable weekend.

Anna Carolina - Image Consultant

1/12/2023 10:54am



Hello everyone! I hope you’re doing well!

The fashion tips for today are special because this unique Black & Gold Blazer is one of a kind from our Made To Made (Custom) line. Do you have one in your wardrobe? If not, please share with us below your favorite part of this Blazer.

Here we go!

"Style is the only thing you can't buy. It's not in a shopping bag, a label, or a price tag.

It's something reflected from our soul to the outside world - an emotion. "

Albert Elbaz

Lets now talk about Modern Style for men. This wonderful look here brings modernity, elegance & timeless personality.


He is an urban man, current;

For your purchase, it works based on intuition;

He follows fashion, but not all trends;

He conserves his clothes to allow him to use them again from one year to the next;

He is an elegant & timeless man.


He will look for classy, good quality clothes. He will allow himself creativity in certain looks;

He will choose quality fabrics, pleasant and practical materials.


He follows the colors of fashion;

He likes the tone on tone;

He uses shades with a touch of bright color.


Wear quality accessories, watch, tie or jewelry.


Follow the fashion. As for the rest of his clothes, he conserves his shoes.

This amazing blazer shows fashion information, a unique style and pattern that is exclusive to Meraki Allure.

The suit alone manages to bring details and a special touch that draws everyone's attention.

Here we have the option of the V - neck shirt that elongates the silhouette.

The suit with the vertical line also elongates the silhouette, ideal for a dinner with friends, a meeting or a casual day out.

We can also wear it during the day, with jeans and white sneakers.

For ladies who has a unique style, this is the right choice.

Finally the belt brings a special touch which transforms the look in seconds.

I’ll love to hear your feedback below. Enjoy!!

Have an amazing and fashionable weekend!

Anna Carolina - Image Consultant

1:42p 11/25/2022



Hello everyone! We hope you’re enjoying our Fashion Tips so far!

Here we go!

What is personal style? Do you know the meaning?

It’s the projection of your total self to others including your:

. Clothing,

. Personality,

. Hair,

. Makeup,

. The way you talk,

. The way you walk,

. The way you carry yourself.

Each os us has a different personality, tastes, lifestyle, choices and that help create the amazing individuals we are!

Today I'm going to talk about an Elegant Style for men.

Elegant style


Distinguished, elegant and chic man, the ideal son-in-law,

Always held by solid and consistent principles. Even on the weekend, he will wear relaxed and chic clothes.

He often has an understated elegance.

He doesn't always follow fashion, but he will never be out of fashion.


The suit is his favorite outfit.

He will select in noble materials, with an impeccable fit.

He gives preference to branded clothes that have a reputation he aligns with,

He likes sober, classic and elegant clothes.

The materials will be of good quality, and sometime monochromatic patterns.


Likes basic and neutral colors.

Uses black, navy blue, white, variations of gray, cream, beige and brown.

Color notes will be reserved for accessories.


Sober, elegant and branded.

He wears an understated branded watch.

The tie, scarf, belt, bag will be sober, but can add a touch of neutral color to the look.


Impeccable and well polished.

Shoes, as well as other accessories, will be of quality and branded.

Let's talk about this suit with an impeccable fit, modern, stylish and amazing.

The collar of the suit with a design bringing fashion information and a beautiful detail in black.

A perfect option for a special evening event, meeting, a wedding photo shoot and for sure for the day too.

It is important to harmonize the suit with jeans, white sneakers or a moccasin to let the suit draw attention.

We have the vest that brings personality and a special touch.

We can wear it with a shirt underneath and it's a style trick for the most modern men.

We hope you make the most of the fashion tips and have an excellent and fashionable weekend!!

Anna Carolina - Image Consultant

3:21p 12/9/2022

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